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One Time Plans

125 Social Bookmarking Service in 4 days
250 Social Bookmarking Service in 30 days
500 Social Bookmarking Service in 60 days
750 Social Bookmarking Service in 90 days
1000 Social Bookmarking Service in 120 days
1500 Social Bookmarking Service in 180 days

Manual Social Bookmarking Service

We will manually bookmark your site on 125+ Social Bookmarking sites, thus, generating 100s of quality one way links to your site and organic traffic.

Social bookmarking is a way to store, classify, share and search information about web pages. Social Bookmarking gives you the following exciting benefits:
  • The fastest way to get your site indexed by Search Engines.
  • Puts you in front of millions of active Internet users.
  • Generates a life time one-way incoming link from authority web sites.
  • These links are picked by Search engines, blogs, content aggregators etc.
Social Bookmarking is no rocket science and can be performed by anyone, even you can easily bookmark your page to 25-50 Social Bookmarking sites!

But that needs lots of hard work, as you need to create the accounts on all such social bookmarking sites, verify it and then start submission.

You can either end up investing a lot of time and energy on bookmarking your site to Top 25-50 Social Bookmarking site yourself or can outsource the same to us for $14.99 only for 125 sites!. How can we effort at such a low price? Well we have experienced Web 2.0 marketing professionals who just do Social Bookmarking and they have been doing same from last few years now. They are so fast and know how to do it for which site.

Why Choose Us?

  • GUARANTEED one-way links
  • Prices are highly competitive
  • We submit Manually
  • Quick work
  • One time and Monthly options
  • We submit to high PR sites
  • Detail submission report
  • Done by trained staff members
  • No reciprocal link required
  • Discount for bulk order

Client Testimonials

“I have recently buy 2 diff rent packages (200 dollars) for my website and I started to see immediate positive effects, it is great, I am happy with the results. Vali ( )